Welcome to IconCloud !

We believe our laces & trimmings weaved out of the matrix of weft and warp, rpm?s and picks manifest our emotions and helps exploring our self. These are the icons, the symbol of our creativity, our personality, and as much diversified as our nature,religion and emotions itself. No physical space can do the justice to engross the concept, so the cloud comes to the rescue .Everything comes from the cloud, get processed, changes hands and shapes, and returns back into the cloud, the very way mother nature functions. The most fascinating feature being the availability irrespective of space, location, or hardware systems. You may be a manufacturer , job-worker , trader , stockist , fashion-designer , importer-exporter or a customer , You can join the cloud and harness its potential for making wise and informed decisions like streamlining and scaling production, maintaining stock, designing and purchasing the precise quantity and quality as needed.